Launch Sites

*Oxbow Boat Ramp*

Oxbow Boat Ramp

The most recently updated boat ramp is one of our favorites. This boat ramp offers some amazing site seeing with some beautiful coves and islands surrounding it. Located at the north end of Tussic Rd. off of Oxbow Road. 

8401 Oxbow Rd, Westerville, OH 43082

Sunbury Road Boat Ramp

Sunbury Road Boat Ramp

One of the most well known Hoover boat ramps because it is located just southwest of the Sunbury Road Bridge, leading to Red Bank Road. This launch site is great for seeing all the way down the reservoir, while staying in a familiar setting. 

4995 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43082

*Twin Bridges Boat Ramp*

Twin Bridges Boat Ramp

Another one of our favorite launch sites, this boat ramp is located inside a coves, giving it some of the most calm waters on the reservoir. Located off of Red Bank Road this boat ramp has some of the most shade and is one of the best for new paddlers. 

4748 Red Bank Rd, Galena, OH 43021 

Red Bank Boat Ramp

Red Bank Boat Ramp

The most populated boat ramp, located right behind Red Bank Barber and Antonio's. This launch site is nice to cross the reservoir and see a fin cove but it does get busy with boaters on the weekends. 

Red Bank Boat Parking

Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43082

County Line Bridge

Countyline Bridge

On the southwest corner of Sunbury Road and Smothers Road (County Line Road) is the County Line Bridge launch site. Right under the big red and white tower. This site is exactly where you think it is and right in the middle of everything. This is a great launch site for sail boat watching. 

Walnut St. Boat Ramp


Just off of Sunbury Road at the intersection of Walnut Street is the Walnut St. Boat Ramp. We launch from the small parking lot across from the gas station, not the actual boat ramp. This is the only launch site on the south side of Smothers/Count Line Bridge.

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