Our Waiver

Everyone who participates in any activities, event, class, tour, or rental will need to properly fill out a waiver before hitting the water. 

Our Rules


State, County, & City Laws

Everyone on the water at all times will have to abide by the laws from the city, the state, and the county. The laws are posted on a sign at every boat ramp and will be reviewed before any boat launch. These laws are enforced by the park rangers and local police. For a good time please follow these laws by the book. For more information check out the links below. 





Everyone MUST Complete Our Introduction Instructions

We will provided a quick 10-15 minute instructions introduction to paddling. These instructions are for you and your safety. We do not give this introductions to hear ourselves talk, we do it to make sure everyone has a safe and fun trip on the water. Please listen to and follow these instructions. We will be happy to take any questions or to get on the water with you for further demonstration. 


For Your Safety

Everyone is required to sign a Safety Waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian's signature. No one under 6 is permitted. Every boat will included with a life jacket and a whistle for your safety. Please do not stand while in the boat, stay in the boat while on the water, and always be aware of other water traffic.

Some Helpful Suggestions


Be Ready to Get Wet

Canoeing and Kayaking are water sports, be prepared to get wet while getting into and out of the boats. Please wear appropriate attire.


Although flip-flops are great to get wet, we DO NOT recommend them for paddling. We suggest strap in sandals or even water shoes for better grip. We will have flip-flops available for once you finish your adventure. 

Sun Screen

The Hoover Reservoir is home to thousands of trees and plenty of coves but that does not mean you will be safe from the sun. Most of the reservoir is not covered by tree and does not have a lot of shade. We suggest you wear and bring extra sunscreen. 

No Alcohol

It is against all laws to have an open alcoholic drink while on the Hoover Reservoir. 


Keep Our Water Clean. We will have recycle bins at our daily locations, please save all bottles, bags, and garbage till the end of your adventure and bring it to us once you are done. We will happily recycle everything we can. Thanks for keeping our waters clean. 

Have Fun

You're outside, you're on an adventure, enjoy yourself. Be curious, explore, have fun. Isn't that why we're all here?